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Ahn & Partners has grown this far originally from incorporating 8 different law offices with 8 solo practitioners respectively who were well known for their legal service and excellent achievements in September 2001. During which time, Korea has faced a very interesting and challenging phase of development mainly generated by international demand on opening its legal market.

Ahn & Partners is a Busan-based law firm that provides dependable, full range of legal services in the areas of


corporate law including legal consultation service for corporations, civil & criminal law, administrative & tax law, banking & insurance law, environment, medical malpractice, labor, intellectual property, maritime law, international trade, U.S. immigration and notary service. In particular, our firm has been placing greater weight on comprehensive corporate law and international trade law practices for domestic and foreign corporations. Our attorneys work as business legal advisors to the client's management, providing practical, innovative solutions, as well as superb legal advice.

Our attorneys and staffs at Ahn & Partners think and take actions for clients according to firm¡¯s distinct and well-honored code of service:
¡°Righteousness (ãá, Shin) & Sincerity (á¤, Sung).¡± Shin Sung is also the Korean version of our Firm¡¯s name that represents our whole philosophical approach to the legal profession. ãá represents justice and wholeheartedness, ᤠrepresenting truthfulness and courage.
This philosophy comes to be realized in the representation of our clients from start to finish.

You are warmly invited to this level of legal service.
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