History & Our Guiding Principles

Ahn & Partners laid its cornerstone as the Court House and Prosecutor¡¯s Office of Busan Metropolitan City, the second largest and beautiful bay city in Korea moved to Geoje Dong. The move brought all law societies, attorneys and culture thereof together in this new legal complex and also demanded reform in the law practice, coupled with the advent of the times of global legal market. The firm was founded in September 2001 with an ambitious goal to provide more specialized and diverse legal services and thus reduce transactional costs in the course of legal disputes.

Shin Sung, the Korean version of our Firm¡¯s name represents our whole philosophical approach to the legal profession. It means righteousness & sincerity. We represent our clients with a strong sense of righteousness and sincerity. The concept is very common and fundamental, but it embraces everything in life. We keep this guiding code of conduct in mind which we at Ahn & Partners mirror ourselves on while practicing laws.

Originally, the name was taken from Article 2 Good Faith Clause of Korean Civil Act governing all phases of legal relationship among private individuals. It loosely translates as ¡°exercise of one¡¯s rights and performance of obligations shall be made in good faith¡± The good faith is converted to righteousness and sincerity in its meaning under the Civil Code. The Article not only governs people in general but also operates as ethical philosophy to attorneys in everyday practice.

Mottos of Ahn & Partners

"Dependable Law Firm Shin Sung"

Righteousness & Sincerity is the Name of Shin Sung

Experience & Specialty is the Pride of Shin Sung

International Practice is the Level of Shin Sung

Affection for the Weak is the Ethics of Shin Sung