General Civil Matters
Ahn & Partners provides legal advice and represents clients in all civil and commercial matters. Civil matters regulated under Korean Civil Act, Civil Procedure Act and Commercial Act and a wide array of special laws include legal conflicts out of private transactions such as contracts, surety, sales of goods, real & personal property (foreclosure, auction) and other legal matters incurred among individuals.

Ahn & Partners also files for all types of provisional dispositions to secure clientsĄ¯ property from danger of losing or deteriorating prior to the judgment of court. Additionally, legal services for collection work and protection of debtors from unlawful collection are available.

We are committed to representing clientsĄ¯ tort claims, either intentional tort, negligence or strict liability, which are another major area of civil matter practices at Ahn & Partners. Typical examples for tort claims currently in court are car accidents, medical malpractice, industrial disaster at workplace, construction site accidents, products liability and nuisance lawsuits.

Civil matter practices have been very successful due to the power of our attorneys who served as judge in court dealing with a series of complicated civil lawsuits for a considerable period of time. The successful and effective representation in this area is also largely attributable to FirmĄ¯s established joint work environment where a case-assigned attorney consults and communicates legal issues in question with more experienced attorneys for the best result.